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Since 1996, Eshbach Mulch Products has been the top landscape supplier in York County. Our friendly staff is always available to help answer your questions or point you in the right direction for the gardening or stone supplies that will best fit your needs. For those looking for mulch, stone, and gardening supplies, you'll find a large selection of quality landscaping products at our York, PA store. We offer delivery and pickup year-round for any of our landscape materials. Call or visit us today to learn more about how our mulch company can turn your backyard into the talk of the neighborhood!

Why You Can Rely On Our Local Mulch Company

Our mulch company carries one of the largest assortments of mulch supplies in Lancaster and York counties. Some of our bags of mulch include black and brown mulch, pine straw, premium bark, red mulch, and wood cover. This means that you will be able to choose the bag of mulch that best matches your outdoor home décor and garden. Mulch is vital to any gardener because it helps to retain moisture, stop weeds from growing, and makes your garden bed look more attractive. In addition to being a mulch company, we also offer a wide selection of topsoil. Topsoil is a layer of partially decayed organic matter that resides between the surface and the subsoil. Topsoil contains the nutrients your plants need to survive, so they are essential to your garden's health. At Eshbach Mulch Products, we offer mushroom, rain garden, garden, screened, regular, and bagged topsoil. And if you're not sure how much mulch you need to purchase, check out our helpful mulch calculator! Visit our store today, and our mulch suppliers can help you choose the right mulch and topsoil for your next garden or landscaping project!

Premium Decorative Stone Supplier Serving York County

We are a natural stone supplier that is located in York County and serving the surrounding Eastern PA areas. We offer many types of natural stone supplies like bulk stone, flagstone, boulders, wall stones, and decorative stone. Whether you are looking to add decorative stone to your garden, build a patio retaining wall, or repave your driveway, our stone suppliers can help. Visit or call us today to hear more about the many stone supplies we offer!

Our Garden Company Has Tools for All of Your Landscaping Needs

For those who are looking to better maintain their gardens, our garden company is here to help! At Eshbach Mulch Products, we supply garden supplies for every landscaping purpose. These include grass seed, straw blankets, pesticides for weed control, aquascapes, and pine straw. Our weed killer is safe to use around children and animals, and won't hurt any parts of your lawn other than those unwanted weeds. Our aquascape water features can be used to create water fountains, pondless waterfalls, koi ponds, water gardens, and rainwater harvesting systems. Whatever creative idea you have for your garden, our garden company can give you the tools you need to accomplish it!

Check out all of the landscaping supplies and services we provide to Lancaster and surrounding counties:

Mulch and Soil

We process our own mulch right here in York County. We use only natural wood products and natural based dyes. We have hardwood as well as bark. We also offer different soils for a variety of needs from filling sinkholes, to raised garden beds, to compost.

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Pavers and Retaining Walls

We offer a large selection of pavers and retaining wall blocks. We have some kinds in stock and also special order available within 1 to 2 weeks. We carry Hanover, New Line, and some Belgard Products as well as Alliance Paving Products. We offer delivery for palletized pavers and wall stones.

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Bulk & Natural Stone

Looking for a natural stone patio or dry stack garden wall? We offer several different varieties. Each kind has its own unique color with varying sizes. We also offer bulk stone such as driveway stone or decorative landscaping stone. Come to us for your sand and paver base as well!!

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Lawn & Garden Supplies

Need to reseed your lawn or put down a few stepping stones? We can help with that too! We carry grass seed, straw, straw blankets, and fertilizer! We also offer a small selection of gardening tools and patio cleaning supplies and sealants.

Check out our Lawn & Garden Supplies

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Eshbach Mulch Products has been a superior landscape supplier for decades. Our dedication to providing mulch, garden, and stone supplies is unmatched in the Lancaster and York counties. Our team of specialists is always ready to direct you to the most affordable and practical products for your next landscaping project. Contact us today or visit us to learn more about how we are a landscape supplier and mulch company you can trust.

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