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Mulch and Topsoil Pick Up or Delivery in Lancaster and York, PA

Eshbach Mulch products offers prompt, reliable delivery of mulch and garden soil for all your gardening needs. We offer a wide variety of products bagged or in bulk. Pick-up and delivery are available.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can help you find what you need for your next landscaping project. Are you a landscaping contractor? We offer discounts that will help you get the job done for less. Call for more information 717-252-4800.

Bags of Mulch and More in York County

Do you want to get your hands on top-notch bags of mulch in York or Lancaster, Pennsylvania? Eshbach Mulch Products is a reputable family-run company that's been in operations since back in 1996. We're headquartered in the middle of Wrightsville and Hallam. If you're looking to explore all types of mulch, we can accommodate you 100 percent. We provide customers with mulch delivery and pickup options regardless of the specific time of year. We're known for our plentiful choices in A+ supplies for landscaping projects. When you need mulch, natural stone, retaining wall blocks, pavers and more, you can turn to us with full confidence.

black and brown mulch

Incredible Black and Brown


Contents: Sprayed dye shredded hardwood bark

Color: Black or Brown

Weight: Approx. 800 lbs.

GOOD: The best of both worlds; Premium Texture and Dyed Color

Application: Spread 2-4” thick around trees or in flower gardens.

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mini pine nuggets mulch

Mini Pine Nuggets


Contents: Pine Bark from North Carolina

Color: Rust Brown

Weight: Approx. 475 lbs.

GOOD: Stays loose and allows air to penetrate. Has a high resistance to fungi and molds. Lasts longer than regular mulch.

BAD: Is not as fine as regular mulch. Moves around in wind and water...

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chipped virgin forest wood mulch

Wood Cover


Contents: ½”-1” Chipped Virgin Forest Wood

Color: Light to Medium Brown

Weight: Approx. 500 lbs.

GOOD: Lasts longer for playground areas and walkways. Four Step Application:

  1. Dig out 10”
  2. Fill 4” with ¾” Bluestone...

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light pine straw needles

Pine Straw


Contents: Pine Needles are found on the ground in forests from North Carolina down to Florida. The needles are gathered and baled into small bales.

Color: Rust Brown

GOOD: Light weight and small bales; Resistant to fungi and weeds/ High acid; Doesn’t “cake” like regular mulch...

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hardwood bark mulch

Premium Bark


Contents: Hardwood Bark

Color: Dark Brown

Weight: Approx. 800 lbs.

GOOD: Keeps weeds down better

BAD: Allows fungi to grow easier

Application: Spread 2-4” thick around trees or in flower gardens....

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satin black, brown, and red mulch

Satin Black, Chocolate Brown, New England Red


Contents: Sprayed dye on shredded wood

Weight: Approx. 700 lbs.

GOOD: Holds color longer

BAD: MUST allow 12 hours of dry weather after spreading for color to set.

Application: Spread 2-4” thick around trees or in flower gardens.

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nature blend mulch for homes

Nature Blend


Contents: Blend of Hardwoods and a small % of Bark and Compost.

Color: Dark Brown

Weight: Approx. 800 lbs.

GOOD: Cheaper $$...Decomposes more slowly

BAD: May bleach faster than Premium Bark

Application: Spread 2-4” around trees or in flower gardens.

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three bags of bagged mulch

Bagged Mulch

$4.75/ 2 cubic foot bag

14 bags equals 1 cubic yard

Bagged Mulch is available in the following:

  1. 12B Satin Black
  2. 10B Premium Bark
  3. 14B Chocolate Brown
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Topsoil Products

mushroom topsoil

Mushroom Soil


Contents: Chicken Manure, horse manure, straw, lime, and ground corncobs.

Weight: Approx. 900 lbs. per cubic yard

GOOD: This compost is very PH balanced.

BAD: May bleach faster than Premium Bark

Application: Mulch—Spread 2-4” deep in annual flower gardens
Soil Enrichment—Spread 1-2” and till into ground
Lawn Fertilizer—Sprinkle across the lawn

*Available Weather Permitting

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rain garden soil mixture photo

Rain Garden Soil Mixture


Contents: 50% Topsoil, 30% Compost, 20% Sand

Weight: Approx. 1700 lbs. per cubic yard

*Available Weather Permitting

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close up of garden soil

Garden Soil


Contents: A mix of Screened Topsoil and Mushroom Soil

Weight: Approx. 1300 lbs. per cubic yard

Application: Raised gardens and thin topdress on lawns

*Available Weather Permitting

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screened topsoil

Screened Topsoil


Contents: Topsoil that has been screened with a 3/8” screen. May contain small amounts of compost.

Weight: Approx. 1700 lbs. per cubic yard

Application: Lawns

*Available Weather Permitting

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regular topsoil

Regular Topsoil


Contents: Plain Topsoil from the field that may contain sticks, weeds, and stones. IS NOT ALWAYS AVAILABLE!!!

Weight: Approx. 2000 lbs. per cubic yard

Application: Potholes and backfilling

*Available Weather Permitting

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bagged soil

Bagged Soil


29-B Mushroom Soil: (2 cu. ft. bags)

24-B Garden Soil: ( ¾ cu. ft. bags)

23-B Screened Topsoil: ( ¾ cu. ft. bags)

27-B Potting Soil: (20 lb. bags)

*Available Weather Permitting

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Check Out Our Wide Variety of Garden Soil and Mulch

We present our customers with many different types of mulch. If you want to secure bulk mulch for any purpose, you can turn to us with ease. It doesn't matter if you're looking for black mulch, bark mulch, brown mulch or anything else. We can present you with all sorts of options that are sure to fit your specific requirements to a T. Our choices in mulch colors are abundant. If you have any questions that pertain to mulch, garden soil, topsoil or anything else, we can come through for you. Our representatives can help you pinpoint mulch colors that are appropriate for your individual wishes. Black mulch and red mulch are both frequently seen in stunning landscapes everywhere. They can help take your lawn to the next level. They can also make your outdoor space appear a lot more appealing. If you want to highlight the charm of your lively flowerbeds, mulch can often do you a big favor.

Garden soil can come in handy for all sorts of different applications. It can help people who wish to grow lovely gardens, flower beds and grass in general. If you have any questions that relate to garden soil choices for your outdoor space, our kind and detail-oriented representatives can assist you. There's truly no garden-related topic that's too complex for our efficient and painstaking team members.

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