Natural Stone Delivery & Pickup in Lancaster & York, PA

Eshbach Mulch products offers a wide variety of natural landscaping stone products for your next project. Serving York and Lancaster Counties, we offer pick-up or prompt delivery at affordable prices.

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Paving Stones for Multiple Exterior Surfaces

Natural stone is any type of landscaping stone made by nature. Because no two stones are exactly alike, you'll enjoy a surface that's truly unique. This type of stone is also highly durable and often appreciated because it's not likely to fade or lose its appeal over time. It's also a hardscaping feature that offers the following benefits:

  • It's easy to maintain
  • It stands up well to the elements throughout the year
  • It can give your exteriors an upscale look in a way that's affordable

Types of Decorative Landscaping Stones

Whether you are planning to use natural stones as a patio surface or decorative feature, for walkways or garden paths, or in your plant beds, we'll help you put together a "natural" theme that's ideal for your property. Our wide selection of naturally designed stones includes:

Stone tiles: Transform your exterior surfaces with durable stone tiles available in an assortment of sizes, colors, and textures.

Boulders: Lend authenticity to your property by adding boulders to your front or backyard landscape. Boulders can also work well on hillsides or within flowerbeds.

Steppers: Create sturdy and aesthetically pleasing pathways with properly placed and spaced steppers. If you have a slope or hill, steppers can even be used as a staircase towards your yard or driveway.

Wall stone: From half-stone walls and retaining walls to borders for deep flower or plant beds, wall stone from Eshbach Mulch Products can serve many purposes.

Flagstone: Jazz up your landscape with flagstone, which can be used for entryway hardscapes, pool surrounds, walkways, patios, and even outdoor firepits.

Unique Bulkstone Selections

Bulkstone is a versatile type of decorative stone that's a bit more refined than larger types of landscaping stones. The type of bulkstone that's right for your property will depend on your intended use. For instance, you might use Beach Pebbles as a type of decorative landscape stone around your trees or flowers. Our pea-sized Potomac Stones and Red Decorative Stones can work just as well for the same purposes.

Our Bluestone is an excellent choice for drainage needs and driveways, while our Base Stone can provide added support below patios and walls. We also have bulkstone that's perfect for use in sand boxes, under or above ground swimming pools, or under patio block or patio stones. You'll be just as pleased with the bulkstone selections we have for use around water features or in or around ponds.

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